Screen Print Life

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Studio days require coffee. Lots of coffee. This particular hand-made mug is magical. It turns into a beer stein once the coffee runs dry.

One day while I was getting into my Jeep to run some errands, I heard a chipmunk chattering loudly in the trees by my driveway. I said to him, "Wow, you've had a lot of coffee this morning, haven't you, mister." Then I got inspired. For apparel go to

Actual Footage of me taking product pics on my front deck one morning. Best light is natural light. I used the leftover countertop cutout from a recent kitchen reno. Hey, it worked.

Jellyfish work in progress.

Jellyfish work in progress.

Jellyfish work in progress.

Coating screens in the darkroom.

I made it myself! Yum?

Swipe up.

At the City Market. For apparel, visit

Rearranging my City Market space during the pandemic. I tend to stand on tables.

Tea towel, anyone? City Market display.

Jerome was one of my first original designs. He's been imitated a few times, since, but his heart still belongs to me, and likewise. For apparel, visit

While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Work in progress, sketch stage.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Finished product. For apparel, visit

In the studio, drawing Sunny Flowers. Wearing a screen printed t-shirt. Surrounded by screens. My happy place. For apparel, visit

How I do the things.

My stock room when I don't wanna tidy.

Feeling boxed in.

How to pack a Jeep.

Outdoor market setup work in progress.

Outdoor market setup. Voila!

Trash Panda. He's in a Garage Band, I think. For apparel, visit

Chill Moose napkin alongside someone's delicious-looking dinner!

Outdoor market setup. It looked pretty until the wind picked up!

It was a windy day at the local outdoor Artisan Market. I had everything literally nailed down with 8" spikes!

Apres outdoor artisan market relaxation.

Gargoyle work in progress, sketch.

Gargoyle work in progress, starting the ink drawing.

Gargoyle work in progress ... adding lots and lots of shading!

Girl ain't happy if she ain't making a mess! Prepping for a local artisan market.

Printed up a bunch of Pierre LePuffin hoodies for a wholesale order. For apparel, visit

Prepping a wholesale order.

On the big screen!

All of this actually does fit in a Jeep Cherokee. Outdoor Market fun. For apparel, visit

At a local outdoor Artisan Market.

Drinking coffee from a hand-made Whale mug while drawing a Whale. Synergy.

We've got the Beet. Work in Progress shot.

Fresh print of Take a Hike. For apparel, visit

The masks we wear.


The eternal question. WTF?

An homage to my home-province.

Legal imprint